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Work from home is a much used, and abused, phrase that everyone is using on the Internet. While most people with some enterprising potential will look at a work from home opportunity as a means to make some additional income every month by putting in some extra time and effort in a day. The more enterprising lot use it as a lure to make a whole load of money off unsuspecting individuals. However, this does not mean that there are all scams and scammers out there. There are definitely some very genuine work from home opportunities, but mingled with them are some very genuine work from home scams as well. So, put in a little more effort and learn how to identify these work from home scams before investing your time, effort and perhaps even your hard earned money in them.

Work from home scams come in many colors and attractions. The more a program promises you wealth untold within a short period of time the more one should avoid them. Then there are the common work from home scams that promise to make millionaires of each and every participant while they sleep! Need we say more? If you could get rich while you sleep you would have made millions every night, right?

The common work from home scams include having to deposit some amount of money in order to get a list of companies that are just waiting to pay you thousands for typing online forms. These are called online data entry programs. They advertise attractive incentives for just typing two or three lines per online form and then sitting back and watching cash come pouring in. The fact of the matter is very different.

These common work from home scams ask for a sign up fee in order to sell you a list of online sites that one can sign up for. Then these sites allow you access to an online form where one needs to type attractive advertisements that are automatically submitted to online classified sites. Should anyone click on the advertisement written by you and lands at the site to purchase something and actually makes a transaction, only then will you get paid. Next time you get an email asking to pay to sign up in order to earn guaranteed income from an online business. Ask the person to pay the sign up fee for you and deduct it from your payment. Then just sit back and watch them make tracks.

Some other work from home scams come in the guise of affiliate programs. These are usually pyramid or Ponzai schemes. In these programs there is always an end loser and that loser could be you. So do a bit of research on Ponzai and pyramid schemes to learn more about them.

Lesson to be learnt is that you should never pay some one to make money yourself. People looking for genuine workers will offer employment for free. The best way to make money is to start your own affiliate site and sign up with the well known affiliate marketing portals to select your own products and services to promote. Learn to promote through article writing and back linking as well as social networking to sell those products. That is the best way to avoid the common work from home scams.